Katherine and Andrew| Renaissance by the Creek | Mississauga Wedding Photographer

When you decide to have an April wedding you have to be open to the possibility of rain, cold or sun as spring can be so unpredictable. However, the one thing you never would expect is for the worst ice storm in many years to land on you mid April wedding day. Despite the crazy weather this wonderful couple had a beautiful and joyous wedding day! Katherine and Andrew, although a bit thrown off at first, handled the challenging weather amazingly and did not let it take anyway from their wedding day at all. They smiled through the cold and hail and got creative when it came to outdoor photos. When things like this happen on a wedding day I think it is an opportunity to truly remind you the purpose of this day and the true beauty of it - marrying the love of your life. Katherine and Andrew, you are such an incredible couple and I wish you so much love and happiness in married life!