Tara and Mike's Spice Factory Wedding | Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Tara and Mike celebrated the start of their married life together this past weekend at The Spice Factory in Hamilton. This venue has since become a favourite of mine! The exposed brick, large windows and cool Hamilton charm makes this a unique location for any couple to share their "I Dos". As you look through their gallery you may notice that I stepped a bit outside my normal style of gardens and lush greenery to have a little fun with this urban spot. The Spice Factory is surrounded by interesting old buildings and alleys of street art, so how could I refuse the couple’s request to have a little Hamilton adventure!

It was so wonderful learning more about the love and life Tara and Mike have built together over the past decade and witnessing them take that next step in life together. I wish you both a beautiful marriage full of laughter, joy, and lots of cuddles with sweet Chloe!

Hair: Qusion Hair Salon

Venue: The Spice Factory, Hamilton

Flowers: Petal to the Metal 

Photographer: Meghan Reimer Photography

Sweet Memories | Hamilton Couple Photographer

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Carolyn Bentum (Carolyn Bentum Photography) for the amazing learning experience she has given me over the past few months. Back in November I took a leap and reached out to Carolyn for the first time. I have always admired her work and her big heart and passion for photography and connecting with others. It has been my goal to push myself to constantly be learning and growing as a photographer and I felt starting up a mentorship with Carolyn would give me the opportunity for growth I had been searching for. From the very first day Carolyn was full of positivity and encouragement and was never afraid to ask me the challenging questions about my photography and business that no one ever wants to be asked but everyone needs to reflect on. I truly felt her gently pushing me to think deeply about what I wanted my business to look like and the experience I wanted to provide to my clients. We spent many nights talking about what makes me unique and through this I learned how photography is so much more that beautiful pictures but all the heart and love that goes into creating an entire experience. Near the end of our time together I was able to see Carolyn put everything we had discussed together into an inspiration session. She told me she begins every inspiration session with a story to bring life and emotion to the shoot. Together we created “Sweet Memories”, the story of Violet and Graham. During the session I loved watching and learning alongside Carolyn and seeing once again the true value in connecting with others in order to create beautiful, natural and joyful photographs. Relationships are something I value more than anything and it brings me so much joy to not only preserve these precious seasons of life in the relationships of others, but also help them continue to laugh, connect and grow as a couple even through the craziest of times. Before I share the images from our session I’d love to just say one last big thank you to Carolyn and encourage anyone in any profession to take the time to learn and grow in your work and connect with others who challenge you to become the best you possibly can be. I'm am so looking forward to what the future holds for my business with all I have now and still have to learn.

Beautiful bouquet by Fleurish Design Studio - http://fleurishdesignstudio.com/

Carolyn Bentum Mentorship Experience - http://carolynbentumphotography.com/