Caroline and Rafael | Paletta Mansion | Burlington Engagement Photographer

One of my favourite things about engagement sessions is watching a couple go from nervous and uncomfortable about being in front of the camera to at ease and completely natural. Caroline and Rafael started off their engagement session the same way almost every couple I meet does, by telling me they are not good in front of the camera, they rarely take photos and are feeling a bit nervous. Its funny how when couples express this to me it actually makes me more excited to shoot as it presents me with a challenge to make them feel comfortable and surprise them with how easy and fun the session can be. Feeling nervous about an engagement session is totally normal but I am so grateful for the wonderful couples like Caroline and Rafael who trust me to guide them and help them feel great both in front of the camera and about their final photographs. I really feel this is one of the areas of photography where being a teacher is really helpful. Being able to understand how to direct, guide and prompt while still encouraging and being mindful of the couples body language and expression to gage where to take the session moving forward helps me in creating an overall wonderful experience catered to each unique couple. Caroline and Raf, you two totally rocked your session at Paletta Mansion last week and I can’t wait to see you again, in November!