Northern California

Along with Iceland, this has to be one of my favourite trips Matt and I have taken. Looking back and reflecting on our last four years of travel together I have come to realize that our favourite trips have really not much to do with the location but the experiences we had together. This trip was very last minute as we had a hard time choosing a location for our trip. After a recommendation from Matt’s sister and her husband we booked everything only five days before we left. We absolutely loved exploring Northern California together! We drove a lot covering tons of amazing locations while we listened to great music, bought fun road trip snacks and admired the beautiful landscapes we past by. The places we visited are listed below, I honestly loved every spot and cannot choose a favourite. The natural wonders we saw on this trip were so incredible, we were left speechless on more than one occasion. We did this all over 12 days which was not nearly enough as I would have loved a few more days in each spot. I hope these photographs encourage you to head west and visit Northern California!


Lake Tahoe

Twin Lakes

Yosemite National Park

San Francisco



Santa Cruz

Sequoia National Park