A Cruise of the Adriatic Sea

When I was about ten years old my mom got me a calendar of Greece for Christmas. From the first time I looked at those photographs in the calendar I was hooked, my dream was to one day travel to Greece. Knowing that we were hoping to start a family in the coming year I asked Matt if for our final trip before baby we could go to Greece so I could make my dream a reality before our travels went on hold for a bit. He agreed and we went ahead and booked an amazing cruise taking us to several other stunning and unique destinations as well. I spent months looking forward to this trip, trying not to over plan so I could simply get lost in the streets of these beautiful towns and enjoy the people, culture and of course the food! The cruise was wonderful and the destinations did not disappoint. Pulling up to Santorini made me a bit emotional as I could not believe I had made it here after all these years. Even though most parts of the trip were great there was one unexpected event, Matt caught a terrible stomach bug sometime in our travels leaving him with one of the worst illnesses he had ever had. He was such an amazing husband trooping along and never complaining as he knew how important this trip was to me. I had no idea how sick he was as he hid it so well. Unfortunately by day 5 he was so sick we decided to see the doctor on the ship who diagnosed the illness and quarantined him to our room until it passed so it did not spread around the ship. This meant I had to explore Mykonos solo and made for some interesting solo dining as well. Luckily Matt recovered before flying home, and made the best of the destinations he was well for. This was a lesson for us that not every trip can go perfectly, at least now we can look back and laugh. Our destinations are listed below!

Venice, Italy

Kotor, Montenegro

Corfu, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Dubrovnik, Croatia