Brad & Michelle's Backyard Wedding | Orangeville Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Brad had the most joyful backyard wedding on the last very hot weekend of the year. Michelle's parents were so generous in allowing the two to say their vows and throw a great celebration on their property near Orangeville. With a blank canvas to work with, Michelle could design the country wedding of her dreams and that is just what she did. This wedding had so many lovely details and came together perfectly! One of my favourite moments was watching Michelle peak out the window into the yard to see the wedding she had put her heart into come to life. There was one other truly sweet aspect of Brad and Michelle's wedding which was that their marriage was the final touch to the amazing and beautiful family they have created together. Brad and Michelle have three of the cutest children and it filled my heart to watch their oldest daughter share in thsi special day with them.  Thank you, Brad and Michelle, for allowing me to share in the exciting and fun day!