Kirsten & Steve | Rockcliff Trail | Waterdown Engagement Photographer

Happy Valentines Day everyone! With this day centred around love, it was only fitting that I chose today to share my first session of 2017! In my business, I strive to capture the love shown between couples, families, friends and everything in between. Love may come in all different forms but it is equally as special no matter how we receive and share it.

My first session of this year was with Kirsten and Steve who were celebrating their relationship and upcoming marriage in September. The warm glowing sun, set softly around the forest as Kirsten and Steve shared with me the details of their love story. They talked about how they met, both acting as tagalongs to a friend's date at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival and since then have watched each other grow in their lives and careers, and continue to dream of future endeavours together. I am grateful to have gotten to know Kirsten and Steve over this short time for their engagement session, and I wish them so much love and happiness in the many years to come.