Michelle & Grant | Bronte Creek | Burlington Engagement Photographer

"Our parents went to school together as kids. They never would have guessed their kids would meet decades later and fall in love…but we did. It’s one of those unlikely stories. Had we met years ago, we probably wouldn’t have given each other a second look. But God’s timing is perfect. He brought a reserved teacher and a “rough around the edges” mechanic together for one heck of a love story…" - Michelle

Michelle, Grant and I braved the elements a few weeks back for the craziest engagement shoot weather I have ever experienced! We saw strong wind, no wind, light and heavy rain, the sun peak through and shine so bright. We considered canceling before but we were all so happy we didn’t as we laughed through the strange weather and created many beautiful moments at Bronte Creek Park. I loved in Michelle's reflection on the start of her and Grant's love story where she says that God's timing is perfect, it truly is amazing how we can be searching for the perfect person to journey through life with and then all at once we are hit hard by an amazing and unique love story. Michelle and Grant, you are such a wonderful couple and I cannot wait for your wedding in May!